Massage & Golf

How does massage specifically help the golfer?

Many golfers find that after playing 18+ holes of golf their backs, hips, shoulders, necks and wrists experience stiffness and pain as the day progresses.If the golfer continues playing being stiff and sore, they risk possible injury to those muscle groups. Occasionally their golf game is hindered due to this discomfort, as is their enjoyment of the game.  

This is where massage comes into play. Golf specific massage can help to reduce the risk of injury by reprogramming the nervous system, making the muscles more flexible and mobile, thereby restoring elasticity to the muscle tissue.  In golf specific massage, the groups of muscles involved in the golf swing are worked to reduce muscular tension, pain and stiffness.  Golfer’s can look forward to enhanced performance in their game and swing when receiving therapeutic massage on a regular basis.